Your Most Powerful Tool

“Cancer is only a death sentence if you BELIEVE it’s a death sentence.”
                                                                                               –Dr. Buttar
 The Truth About Cancer Presents:

The power of the mind. INCREDIBLE. I often believe we severely underestimate the power of the mind.

In my health coaching programs all 3 of the foundational steps that I teach in my workshops involve the mind. It all starts there, people!! Becoming healthy doesn’t start with not eating the donut or adding exercise into your life. It starts in the mind. And the mind is what keeps you on track or destroys all your efforts. Your mind can keep you sick or literally push you towards health.
I am convinced that my mantra, “It just is what it is” that I repeated to myself throughout my cancer journey sustained me. Once I got there I didn’t focus on the negative possibilities. I focused on what I needed to do to eradicate the cancer. I saw myself as a healthy person who just had to get rid of an invader.

It was the thinking I needed to get well.

It was also why I avoided cancer support groups. I heard of so many of them being focused on women rehashing their current woes over and over. That they could be quite somber places. And while there IS definitely, most definitely, a need to speak these woes and fears so you can release them, I knew I personally could NOT be in that environment.
Thankfully, I have a husband, Mike, my mom, Linda, a mother-in-law, Helen dear friends, Melissa, Eileen, Judith and MANY other people who were positive and very supportive. They believed in my healing. I needed to surround myself with POSITIVITY. Because their positivity sustained mine.

The power of the mind. HARNESS it. USE it.


With it wonders will never cease.

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