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Laura Primus is a San Francisco Bay Area hFullSizeRender (2)ealth and wellness expert, certified personal trainer, life coach and breast cancer survivor. She specializes in transformative coaching for busy adults who want to get healthier, have more energy and lose weight, but have no idea where to start.

Laura’s desire to is to help women around the country not only give themselves permission to put themselves as a priority but also to simplify their approach to health by giving them the most effective tools to be their healthiest.



Say Yes to You, Transform Your Health

As professional women we stay really, really busy.  We’ve always got something we need to do, someone we need to take care of, some place we need to be.  We are constantly taking care of everyone else.  We work hard at the office. We work hard at home.  We might even have aging parents that they need to put their time and energy into.

But the one person we have forgotten to take care of is OURSELVES.

If women only knew, and EMBRACED, that when they give themselves permission to put themselves first and take care of themselves everything else can look and feel so much better.  They will be more productive at the office (and maybe even make MORE MONEY).  They’ll have more patience with their children and their spouse.  And even more than that they’ll have the confidence in themselves and their bodies and the energy to have the freedom to do whatever they want.

Laura wants to encourage women to make themselves a priority.  Not only encourage but CONVINCE them that it’s the only way to live the life they’ve always wanted.  In her talk she seeks to show women how important it is to set aside time for themselves.  To start putting their health and wellness at the top of the list.  Yes, the TOP!  When women start to care for themselves, lose the weight, increase their energy, reduce stress…..everything can change.  All they need to do is start.

What often keeps women from starting is their fear that it will be time-consuming, horribly restrictive, difficult, overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!  In fact, the best way to get results is just the opposite.


Key Points and Take Always:

  • The Single Most Important Key to Goal Setting – Keeps You Focused and Ultimately Successful
  • How to Make 1 Degree Shifts for Greater Long-Term Results
  • Learn the Trick Olympic Athletes Use To Increase Their Success (Which You Can Use, Too!)
  • Discover the #1 Way You Are Sabotaging Yourself & Your Results
  • Learn How Improving Your Health Can Be Simple & Easy (and NOT Time-Consuming)


 3 Secrets For Success

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