Joy, a Reminder, and Being Loved

kai and meThis is me and my family’s new puppy, Maui Kai (‘Kai’).   He’s 8 months old.  My family adopted him from a rescue organization a week ago.  We lost our 15 1/2 year old lab mix in January to cancer and I had been missing dog love ever since.  Nothing like the unconditional love of a dog!

Despite missing dog love since January my husband and I have been a bit hesitant to adopt another dog.  Life has been super busy.  Funds have been a bit tight.  And it just didn’t seem like a good idea.  My husband was concerned I would feel like a dog was one more thing.  Especially since I work from home and would be the primary care giver the majority of the time.  And, a puppy seemed crazy.  But when my friend, Robin, posted a picture of this boy on Facebook?  I was hooked.  I had to meet him.  And, boy, am I glad we did!  Not that there hasn’t been any breaking in period – we did have a major poop incident which had poop spread all over a 12′ x 5′ space which required an 8pm trip by our carpet cleaning guy that night – but overall it’s been better than I dreamed.  Joy that fills me up and flows out of me.

Adopting Kai reminded me of a few things.

  • Being accepted and loved no matter what is an incredible gift no matter the species giving it.  I need to be better at giving love the same way.
  • Going for a walk in the middle of the day can be incredibly rejuvenating.
  • Always be ready to drop everything and play for a few minutes (as this also can be rejuvenating).
  • Always stop and smell the flowers…notice every…little….thing.  Being fascinated is a good thing.
  • Laughing is one of the very best things for the soul.
  • When you’re tired take a nap.  Even 5 minutes can fill you up.

You might not be able to adopt a puppy this week to be reminded of the same things so take my word for it.

Now that you’re done reading this post.  Go take a walk around the neighborhood or your office.  Trust me.  It’ll be really good for you.  Especially if you won’t be dragged by a 50 pound puppy who’s all muscle.  😉

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