The Way You Were Successful Once is the Way You’ll Be Successful Again

Have you ever been successful at anything?  It’s a crazy question, isn’t it!?  Of course you have!  It’s a rare person who says no to this question.  And even if they say no – I think everyone of us can find success in anyone’s life.  We have all experienced success in one way or another.  (If you said no….we need to talk!  I guarantee you’ll I’ll find success in your life!  Bank on it!)


Have you ever successfully been hired for a job that even you weren’t totally sure you were qualified for but somehow you were hired?


Have you ever made a complicated or difficult to execute dish?  Like a souffle? Or maybe even the perfect salmon on a plank?  And nailed it?  Maybe not the first time but maybe the second or third?  I’m betting that each time you refined the process and each time the dish got better and better.


Or maybe you wanted your toddler to eat vegetables or go to bed at a certain time and, while it took work, you were able to successfully get them to eat the carrot or fall sleepily into bed at 7:30pm?


Or ran a 5K after years of spending all your time sitting at your desk or on the couch day in and day out?


I could likely keep going but I think you get the idea.  We’re all successful at something. We’ve all had to work at one thing or another.  Sometimes it was one step forward and one step back.  For what seemed like forever.


But you didn’t quit.


You kept going.


You kept your eye on the prize:  the job, perfect souffle, the race, your sanity….


You kept plugging away.


Until one day….you were moving on to the next job or Croquembouche or the next longer, croquembouchebigger race or getting your middle school child to do their homework (after years of successful vegetable eating).


The same drive…the same pluck you have within you to accomplish the things you set out to accomplish is the SAME drive, the SAME pluck that you have to accomplish anything.


Even when it comes to losing weight.  Or feeling fit.  Or being well-rested and energetic.


For whatever reason I feel like women separate their successes.  They can be enormously successful in their career but for some reason get it in their head that they can’t use that same part of them to be successful with their health.


Why are the two so different?  I think one reason women separate the two is their “why”.  WHY do they want that job?  There can be lots of reasons.  They need money.  They hate their current job. Or maybe it’s their dream job.



WHY do they want to run that 5K?  Perhaps, they want to prove to themselves they can. Or their girlfriend challenged them to run with them.


What about the kid?  Why did you want your kid to eat the vegetables?  Or do their homework?  That why was likely love mixed in with a little bit of “I will make this happen” determination.


What if you applied the same strategies to your health?


When you stepped out and put your name into the hat for that job you stepped out and took a chance.  You didn’t hold back and say, “What if it doesn’t work? I just won’t even try.”  Nope, you tried. And it worked.


What about that 5K or 10K?  Running the race (and finishing) took consistent action before the race.  You probably didn’t show up at the race without at least some preparation and training.  Likely, you ran regularly before attempting the big race.  You just kept at it – lengthening how far you ran every week.  Getting closer and closer to your goal.


When it came to your toddler, you just kept putting the carrot in front of her.  If it didn’t work one meal, you just tried it again the next meal.  You weren’t deterred by a failure of your child to eat.  You just said, we’ll try again next time.


The same strategies work when it comes to your health.  The same drive you have to get a new job is the same drive you can use to have the body you’ve always wanted to have.


Don’t sell yourself short.


Believe in that inner drive you have.  It exists.  It can work for you in everything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish.


Now that you know you already have what it takes to be successful when it comes to your health, would you like to learn some strategies to use that drive….that pluck even more effectively to lose weight or tone up or simply just feel much better?

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