Is Your Body Getting in the Way of Your Dreams?


Finding My Place in This World


The word DREAM written in vintage letterpress typeI’m giddy as I write this.


I have been all in my head lately.  Contemplating my place in this world.  I’m sure you’ve all been there.  You get to this space in your life where you come to a fork in the road.  There is a choice to be made.  You can’t just keeping going straight because the road doesn’t have a straight option – it has left or right.  I’ve been there over the last four or five months.  Contemplating my place in this world.  What am I here to do?  How does my Creator want me to serve my fellow woman?


I’ve been working in the health and wellness field for a few years now.  I’ve been lurking in it for well over a decade.  I know nutrition.  I have a decent grip on the body and how it works.  I understand supplementation and detoxification.  I know how to train women so they get results with their fitness.  I know these things well and I’ve been grateful to help many women get results over the past few years.  Many of them who are still working with me and have been from almost the start because they continue to get good results.


And while I love fitness, I love nutrition, I love self-care, I love learning all I can (and won’t stop learning) it isn’t what makes my heart beat and gives me butterflies in my stomach.  It’s a means to an end (or maybe a beginning).  It’s good stuff.  Stuff we all need.  And need to implement into our lives for good health.


But what does good health do for us?  Where does it take us?  Where does bad health stop us?  What do we miss out on because we aren’t healthy?  Or strong?  Or energetic?


I’ve been thinking a lot about having goals.  Aspirations.  Desires.  Dreams….


And this is what makes my heart pound.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have some incredible conversations with women who tell me what they really want for their lives.  They come to me thinking they want to lose 10 pounds or get ready for a race but that isn’t what their heart deeply, deeply desires.  What they really want are bigger things.  They have dreams.  They dream of being able to do everything with their families.  To not sit back when their kids and husband take that rafting trip down the Colorado.  They dream of starting their own business.  They dream of hiking the John Muir Trail.  They dream of changing lives in the inner city.  They dream of traveling to Africa and building wells.  They have dreams that matter.  Really matter.  But they only dream.  They never take action towards their dreams.


Why?  Because they’re too tired.  Or they lack confidence.  Or their body isn’t strong.  Or they’ve got this stomach issue that strikes at the most unfortunate times.  Or they are simply afraid everything will fall apart.  They will fall apart.


This is where my heart starts to beat.  Where my stomach starts to flutter.  Where my mouth turns upright and I can’t make it go any other direction.


What if I could help women reach their dreams – or at least go for it knowing that it isn’t their bodies holding them back?


Magic Happens

I find something to be true of just about every single woman I’ve worked with….  There is this confidence that grows in them as they get stronger. Or lose the weight.  Or have more energy.  And when they feel more confident….


Woman stands in praise before a beautiful night sky.

Magic happens.  Dreams are sought.  Life becomes a whole new adventure.


And that, my dear reader, is the work that I’ve come to deeply understand, appreciate, embrace, want to jump up and down and shout to the world,…..have been called to do in this world.  Support women in realizing their dreams.


Even as I type that my heart starts to beat.  I feel happy.  I feel tickled pink simply learning about a woman’s dreams when we contemplate whether we will work together during a Discovery Session.  I find out she has dreams and something in me just clicks into high gear and my heart fills for her and my mind actually starts seeing her accomplishing her dreams.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE empowering women to reach their dreams. To support them and their bodies to GO FOR IT.  It’s MY dream to take up this space in this world  and I’m going for it.


What Are Your Dreams


Do you have a dream but you’re holding yourself back from it because you don’t feel good or you lack energy or you just don’t feel confidence in yourself because of what you see inthe mirror?  If you are one of these women I want to help you.  Your body should not be what holds you back from going on the adventure.  If it does….let’s change that.


Here’s where I’d love to hear from you….do you have a dream?  I’d love to  hear what it is – seriously, tell me!  Email me at and tell me what you dream of doing.  Whether you are going for that dream now or you’re holding back or wherever that dream sits for you, I’d love to know and support you even if it’s only cheering you on from the sidelines.


Yours in health and dreams,

P.S.  If you are ready to explore how you can have dreams come true (because your body isn’t holding you back) please watch the video and join me at one of my webinars coming up in a few weeks.

What’s Next?

Watch here to learn how you can begin your journey towards health and reaching for your dreams:


So many women I know don’t go for their dreams, big aspirations or goals because they lack the energy, lack the confidence or simply don’t feel well. It doesn’t have to be that way!

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