About Me


I don’t want to just teach women how to lose weight, how to reclaim their energy so they can feel and look better.  I want to show women the profound difference it can make in their lives when they learn to put themselves FIRST.


I want to show them how to think differently around food, fitness, and body image and show them how a different approach can make all the difference.  I want to teach them how to anchor themselves deeply into their desires and use that a guiding force.


I want them to allow themselves to have big, bold dreams.


Yes, I want to teach them how to eat and show them the best exercise to do but I want to do it in a way that keeps reinforcing the amazing difference it can make in their lives when they learn to put themselves first.


I want them to make themselves an unapologetic priority.


I want to show them how to think and be different around food, around health, around exercise, around just being….that keeps showing them how amazing their life becomes when they make themselves a priority.  Dreams you never believed could come true can be had when you realize how much your health matters.



selfieLaura Primus is a Bay Area health and wellness expert, certified personal trainer, life coach and breast cancer survivor. She specializes in transformative coaching for busy professional women who want to get healthier, have more energy and lose weight, but have no idea where to start.

Laura’s approach to coaching is refreshingly different because she understands that lasting weight loss isn’t about developing ironclad willpower, counting calories or adopting a new workout regimen. Instead, she focuses on the mind-body connection of each client and works to help them uncover the mental roadblocks that stand in the way of reaching their health goals.

“It’s not just about what you’re feeding your body, but what you’re feeding your brain as well. There is a huge interwovenness between your mind and your physical body that’s vastly underestimated when people try to lose weight or make healthy lifestyle changes. Awareness of that connection is so important! Those thoughts subconsciously running through our heads, that we don’t even realize we’re thinking, have a tremendous impact on the food we put in our mouths and, ultimately, whether or not we’ll be successful in the changes we try to make.”

In order to create lasting results, Laura coaches clients slowly, focusing on what she calls “one degree shifts” in thinking and action. Through a series of small, easy changes, mental coaching and nutritional education, her clients are able to lose weight, gain confidence and take control of their health for good.

Over the years, numerous people have her to thank for giving them the tools to become happier, healthier, more energetic and more productive.

Laura lives in Pleasant Hill with her husband Mike and two kids, Grace and Zachary. Laura is a member of the local Business Networking International chapter, Business By Referral.  She has been interviewed by Ronnie Joy, The Midlife Dating Coach, on Right on Time Dating and by Jeena Cho’s The Resilient Lawyer podcast and has had numerous speaking engagements in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Laura is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine, a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, and a Certified Transformation Coach through Holistic MBA.  Additionally, she has been certified in Gut Health through Andrea Nakayama’s Whole Body Systems.

What others are saying….

“I love working with Laura!  Not only is she knowledgeable about fitness, she is also very attentive to her clientele.

“Laura provides the perfect blend of knowledge and compassion in her nutrition coaching. I’m delighted with the results I’ve achieved with my new healthy meal plan.
Maria E.- Orinda

“Laura is a wealth of knowledge in helping the body heal naturally and stay healthy. Her passion, drive and excitement for making wise, healthy choices in everyday living is contagious!
Melissa G., Concord